Sunday, March 6, 2016

Elvis Style Linen Summer Shirt

Husband and I will be going on a Disney Cruise in a few months.  I have started to make some items for us to wear.  This first one I finished is a linen shirt inspired by the dance scene "Slicin' Sand" in the Elvis Presley movie Girl Happy.

This is the final shirt.

And here is the picture of Elvis in his shirt. (Of course I am working on my own pattern for a version of those red shorts with the button sides!)

I used this McCalls pattern. We did  not find it in the right size so we got extra large and I scaled it down and shortened it.  He tried it on and thought it would be too long and was too wide.  So I shortened it and took both sides in two inches. 

Here it is half finished.

Of course his cat Posey had to help.

Finished shirt.

Searched my button box a long time to find six buttons the right size that matched.

So what do you think? He likes it so I am happy.