Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Stocking Sale

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Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Costume Fun with Lucy and Ricky, Bert and Mary, Jedi and Cindy

A little more costume fun! 
Lucy and Ricky as portrayed by my daughter and her husband.
We shortened an 80s dress and modified a tulle slip. Then we made the apron and she decorated it.

How about Bert and Mary Poppins? and their penguin.


My son and I made his Jedi costume.  He has other pieces still to make to add to it but this was pretty awesome.  We designed the pattern together and he cut out and sewed the top.  I did most of the pants because the fabric was harder to sew than his current skill level allowed.


Hope you enjoyed these costumes.

Katrina Crane from Sleepy Hollow Costume

Although Ichabod Crane is still in the sewing stages, I did get my costume done. However, I cheated.  Instead of making a 1770s set of stays, I used my Victorian era purchased corset.  Instead of pleats in the skirt I gathered the skirts onto separate drawstrings. Instead of a square belt buckle, I used a belt I already owned. 

I think I was fairly successful.

I answered the door to give out candy and a little girl thought I was a princess.  Aww, na├»ve little girl. Katrina Crane is a witch!  But it was flattering.


Athena can't stay away from the camera!


Hanging out with the Hitchhiking Ghost.



We had a great evening hanging with our kids.
I had a fun time recreating these costumes.  It took a lot for me to let go of the lack of time to make a more faithful recreation of the TV show costumes.  This was a learning experience in that area.
Hope you enjoyed these costume posts.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hitchhiking Ghost Costume for Halloween

I had completely planned on making The Ichabod Crane costume for my husband.  But I ran into a lack of time, like many of us do when we plan a project. The trousers I made him came out too small.  I think I cut them too small and then gathered too much across the back and they couldn't be worn.  I will finish them and put them up for sale on my etsy shop.
On to the fun.
We went into Party City to find something to make him a quality costume that didn't look thrown together. We found this Lincoln Stove Pipe hat for $12.99. We stopped in at Target and picked up the glow in the dark spider webs for $3.00 and the cosmetics for about $6.00.
Back at home we pulled out his wool overcoat and a shirt and slacks and his pirate boots.  We coated hat and coat with the cobwebs and painted his face with a combination of costume and regular cosmetics.
All together the pieces turned him into a "Hitchhiking Ghost" from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.
I think it was a successful costume.  And not raggedy and thrown together.




Here is Athena again, hitchhiking! Daughter Pier took these photos of her dad.

Two happy haunts!
I will finish the  Ichabod Crane costume by December 1.  That is my goal!
Thanks for stopping by,

Kick-Butt Cinderella Costume For Halloween

After more than a year (maybe close to two) the Cinderella costume based on Snow White's costume from Once Upon A Time is finished. The Lovely Allison purchased white heeled boots with a lace up detail up the back.  She has white stretch pants and a white blouse on as well.
Silver lace ribbon makes up the belt with silver ribbon in her hair.

Athena wanted to get in on the photos.  Athena is my daughter's pup and is dressed as a skeleton.

The photos were taken by my daughter Pier as well.
I am quite pleased with the results.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sleeping Beauty Apron

This is not a costume but rather an apron that was commissioned from me.  The request was for an apron that represented Aurora from Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

I think my version is fairly successful.  My Husband suggested that we line the peplum and the waist ties with the fabric that has Sleeping Beauty and the roses printed on pink fabric. It came out really cute.  But apparently you will have to take my word for it as these are the only two photos I took.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Planning Ichabod Crane Costume

My husband wants to be Ichabod Crane from Fox TV's Sleepy Hollow series. this is the costume Crane wore most of season one. It is a type of Revolutionary War uniform suit coat. He then has breeches and a shirt.  Remember, the dark blue would have been normal for the coat but not necessarily the shirt.  However, he was buried for 200 plus years! I will have to do some creative distressing to give it that aged look rather than fresh from the tailor.

This is an example of the coat worn by an officer.  It has the lapels that Crane has on his coat.

This is a coat worn by General George Washington.  It also has the lapels and the rows of shiny buttons.
The pattern I will be using is the one below from Butterick.  The jacket does not have the lapels so I will have to create those and add them in. 
I ordered three yards of blue wool from Fashion Fabrics club.  We will see if it comes out anything like I hope it does.  Buying fabric without being able to touch it is scary.

Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Green Elven Cosplay Cloak

I present this lovely Hunter green cloak for your perusal!  It could be an Elvan cloak or a Medieval or Renaissance cape.
It is made of a silk blend I purchased in Syria.


It is 53 inches from the back of the neck to the hem.

The hood is lined.



The brass buttons are purely for decoration.

I hope you enjoyed it. It is available on Etsy.
Thank you for checking it out.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pirate Costume-Captain Jack Inspired

My husband agreed to dress as a pirate for our upcoming Disney Cruise.  And he was quite the sport for doing this photo shoot in 103 degree weather!
I used the Simplicity 4923 for the three pieces. 
The white shirt is plain muslin.

The trousers are a bottom weight cotton.

He purchased the boots.  Hey, every man needs a little fun and after all-Shoes!!

The vest is from a stash of 35 meters of upholstery fabric we bought eleven years ago in Damascus, Syria.  We had planned to re upholster our furniture but no one would touch it here in the states because the fabric does not have the rubberized backing.  It is just fabric.  It actually washes and dries beautifully! I have used some for bed skirts and sewn some as a slipcover for a footstool. it pleats well.  However, it is extremely heavy in bulk.  I have thought of making a 1600s style costume, but it would be heavy.  (Any suggestions for its use would be appreciated.  Or I could be persuaded to sell it.)

The scarf is one he brought back from the Middle East and I added some fish net to complete the look.

Thank you for looking at my Captain (place name here) inspired costume.