Saturday, February 25, 2017

New Year's Intentions

It seems that New Year's Resolutions seldom get accomplished.  The idea people of been bandying about this year is to use the word "Intentions". Intentions are things you will try to do whereas resolutions are finite.  I will do them.  I always feel guilty when life takes a sudden turn and I can no longer accomplish my resolution

Oops! Definitely got sidetracked here.  I started writing this post on January 2nd.  And then got an infection and the antibiotic the doctor prescribed knocked me out of commission for a week.  Ant then school started back up and going to teacher's college at night  has sucked all of my time away.

I decided last year to change my status from substitute English teacher to fully credentialed Family and Consumer Sciences teacher. (home economics) In the fall I had two life Management classes (family and childcare, consumer issues, interior design, sewing, and cooking.) This spring I have Fashion and Design I and Culinary Arts I. It takes a lot of time to Plan lessons and class samples, and shop for food. And I have big assessments to do to satisfy the State of California's criteria to be a teacher. I'm exhausted!

Any way. Intentions for costume sewing for the year: I am lucky enough to get to go to Costume College this July!  And my husband was so awesome to volunteer to go to the Gala Ball with me.

So...........I need to make us fabulous outfits.  I want to do a 1740s costume using  Simplicity 8161 and 8162 patterns for the Outlander costumes by Terry Dresbach and created for the home sewist by American Duchess. I have the fabric, massive silk blend curtains that we had in our flat in Beirut. So, I have already made the stays and bum pad, but the stays are too short-waisted so I need to modify the pattern and try again. Chemise, dress, stockings, shoes, etc.

My husband will have a coat, waistcoat, breeches, and boots. Lots of pieces to sew.  But we can't do them during spring break as we started a bathroom mini-remodel and have not finished.  So much to do!!

Well, no pictures today, which is sad, because I love blogs heavy on pictures and light on words.

Blessings to all,

Friday, July 15, 2016

Outlander 1740s Stays

I am slowly working along with Lauren, The American Duchess, to create my own Outlander Ensemble. I am about halfway through reading the Outlander book. I have not seen the show yet but I am hooked on the first book.  And on Terry Dresbach's blog. She is the costume designer.

This is the pattern designed by American Duchess in coordination with Simplicity Patterns.

Here is one side of the stays with the top binding pinned on, but not the bottom binding.

Here I am in the stays.  I am long-waisted so these stays are actually too short on me.  I will have to do some  fiddling with the pattern and lengthen the waist about an inch and a half. Meanwhile I am moving on with the other pieces.  I have made the bum pad. next I will make the Chemise.  I wasn't going to make a new chemise as this one is perfectly acceptable.
But the Outlander pattern has longer sleeves with ruffles plus the neck ruffles. So Ruffles there will be!

Here is both sides, bound.  This is the inside.  I have not put a lining in yet. I'm thinking that may never happen.

Look how good my waist looks here! Oh wait, not me.

I hope you enjoyed my progress on the Outlander Ensemble.  Lots to do before I will be done with the next pieces.  School starts August 1 and I will be busy getting my classroom in order.  I will be teaching Family and Consumer Sciences as a full time regular teacher. I am excited to finally be a full time teacher.  But I am taking a bunch of classes as well.  less time for sewing my own things.


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Regency Shawl Dress

For the month of June the Historical Sew Monthly Challenge was set  for "travel".  I live in California.  It is 100 degrees F. here.  It is really hard to think of making a coat or anything to wear over clothing for travel purposes.  So I went a different route. I decided to go with the angle that my fabric has traveled.  When The Dreamstress posted about her  Regency Gown made from shawls I got to thinking.  
Why not have my husband bring me a pair of matching shawls while he is on his travel.  He travels to the Middle East on business every few months. So he brought back four of these light purple, mauve colored shawls.  They are not paisley like the ones that were so wildly popular in the Regency era. 
These scarves were purchased in Turkey.  They are cotton and had a set of stripes across each end.

This is my inspiration photo. I wanted to use the stripes around the hem and then use the stripes again at the sleeves.

Painting 2: Yelizaveta Demidova (1779-1818) , previously Baroness Elisabeth Alexandrovna Stroganoff, wife of Nikolai Demidov, the exceeding wealthy owner of mines and foundries in the Urals, Russia; c.1805 (oil on canvas) by Lefevre, Robert (1755-1830) – Wearing Kashmir Shawl and a dress with Kashmiri Paisley motif embroidery.

I used the Simplicity pattern found here as my basis.

I decided to use white muslin for the actual sleeves and then split the pattern in half and cut the sleeves out again in two pieces. I have not draped them properly yet.

Unfortunately the pattern came out larger than I planned on. It is probably a size too large. I will need to unsew the skirt from the bodice and gather the front more and fix the size issue.  I will also make a fake bodice insert for the front and sew it in, a "dickey" of sorts.

I did try the dress on with the proper short stays and chemise.  However, the short stays do not give me the proper figure.  I will be making a set of long Regency stays soon to aid in achieving the proper figure.
Thanks for taking a look.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Rockabilly Retro Dress

I finished my daughter's birthday present of a Rockabilly style dress!  She wore it today and we took photos out by the pool. Of course she is an awesome model, but she is also the better photographer.  But she can't do both at the same time, so I took these.

Of course, this is where I started, with fabric and the pattern and the obligatory cat hair.  This is Posey.

I used Simplicity 8127. The fabric is 100% cotton. I used two piece eyelets I purchased from Richard the Thread for my corsets and basic spool ribbon.

I had no problems with the instructions.  However, I will have to make some adjustments in the bust as it came out larger then she needs.

I hope you enjoyed this short pictorial review. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Regency Travel Challenge Update

I know I have not posted everyday on this blog as per the CoBloWriMo challenge was designed to do.  I have two reasons for this: I don't have any thing to post on some challenge topics, and life seems to have gotten even busier as the summer started. So I will post as I can.

Today the topic is to give a progress report on something we are working on. In my first post I said I wanted to work on  the Travel challenge for the Historical Sew Monthly group. 
I have made some progress.  I cut out and sewed my daughter's dress.
I will post pictures of the finished dress later when we do a photo shoot.

For my Regency Travel dress I am using Simplicity 4055 and adjusting the front of the bodice to criss cross.  I am also going to eliminate the tie at the neck and the waist in favor of a button or hook and eye closing in the back.

I have thought about using a trim around the neckline  as in this inspiration painting.  I have not gotten out to look for any yet.  So onward I go.

Keep checking back.  I will get this one done!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

My Favorite Accessory

I really like this parasol I made from an old umbrella I inherited from my mother. I have not had the chance to use it yet as I have no events to go to nor have I had the chance to do a photo shoot.  Maybe soon.
I did a full write up on the parasol here.

I hope to have a photo shoot with my Daughter soon.  She is learning to do costume photo shoots.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Favorite Project

Day five of the CoBloWriMo (Costume Bloggers Writing Month) and I have missed days two through four.  My husband and I and our daughter and her husband got busy building a fence in our back yard and tearing down an old useless fence so we could expand the area around the pool. I will blog about that soon on my other blog, dedicated to all things house and home, Daze of Grace.

For now, my favorite project. My 1880s Walking Dress.  It is a Natural Bustle era ensemble.  I blogged about it fully here. I still have not worn it for photos.  Maybe soon.  But it is 102 Degrees out, soooo.
Enjoy for now.

Thanks for stopping by.