Monday, August 7, 2017

Shoes for Costume College

Ok, so I realize there is a jumble of two different pairs of shoes.  I wanted to show how Ron and I covered our shoes to match our Gala Ball costumes.  This is not a tutorial!
Ron used a pair of shoes from his closet that were no longer in conditional to be worn to work.  I bought my shoes for $2 at a thrift store in town.  I was looking for a specific style and height of heel that resembles 18th century women's shoes.  These fit the parameters.

We used scraps of fabric from the costume construction itself.

I removed the leather bows from the top of these black shoes.

We used a hot melt glue gun to attach the fabric at the sole line.  Then we had to fold the fabric over into the inside of the shoes.  Several pleats had to be made to fix it all smoothly.

We covered a separate flap to the front to hide all the pleats. His shoes got silver buckles.

My shoes got bows.

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