Saturday, August 5, 2017

Costume for the Gala Ball

Originally my husband wanted to wear a coat like the Beast wears in the outdoor snow scene of the live action Beauty and the Beast. I searched many days online trying to find fabric that would look good in blue.  Couldn't find any.  I finally found a large paisley in gold and silver and he loved it.  I ordered 10 yards.  It is a medium weight drapery fabric.  It cut and sewed very well. And then I had to decide on a pattern.

After much consideration as to exactly how I wanted Ron's costume to look, I finally decided to go ahead and use the Simplicity Pirate Pattern 4923. It is about the correct time period and the coat has the proper pleats in the back while the vest and breaches were ones I had previously used for his pirate costume.

It took some effort to get all the coat pieces on properly.  I could only cut one at a time! 

An in progress shot of the coat.

The back showing the pleats before they were pressed.

This is a close up of the fabric and the trim and buttons.  The trim we purchased at Joann's. I hand stiched all six yards to the jacket and vest.  We purchased the buttons on eBay, a total of 50, though not all were used.

These are the only photos of the making of this costume. I guess I was so busy making that I forgot to take pictures.
I used his pirate shirt from the previous year and altered it slightly.  I tucked and tacked the ruffled cuffs back and hand-stitched two rows of lace to each one.  Then I tacked down the collar and half way up the front opening.  I hand-stitched four rows of gathered lace up and down the front. This gave the costume that really fancy look we wanted.

Thanks for checking out my costumes.  Finished costumes in the next post!

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