Saturday, February 25, 2017

New Year's Intentions

It seems that New Year's Resolutions seldom get accomplished.  The idea people of been bandying about this year is to use the word "Intentions". Intentions are things you will try to do whereas resolutions are finite.  I will do them.  I always feel guilty when life takes a sudden turn and I can no longer accomplish my resolution

Oops! Definitely got sidetracked here.  I started writing this post on January 2nd.  And then got an infection and the antibiotic the doctor prescribed knocked me out of commission for a week.  Ant then school started back up and going to teacher's college at night  has sucked all of my time away.

I decided last year to change my status from substitute English teacher to fully credentialed Family and Consumer Sciences teacher. (home economics) In the fall I had two life Management classes (family and childcare, consumer issues, interior design, sewing, and cooking.) This spring I have Fashion and Design I and Culinary Arts I. It takes a lot of time to Plan lessons and class samples, and shop for food. And I have big assessments to do to satisfy the State of California's criteria to be a teacher. I'm exhausted!

Any way. Intentions for costume sewing for the year: I am lucky enough to get to go to Costume College this July!  And my husband was so awesome to volunteer to go to the Gala Ball with me.

So...........I need to make us fabulous outfits.  I want to do a 1740s costume using  Simplicity 8161 and 8162 patterns for the Outlander costumes by Terry Dresbach and created for the home sewist by American Duchess. I have the fabric, massive silk blend curtains that we had in our flat in Beirut. So, I have already made the stays and bum pad, but the stays are too short-waisted so I need to modify the pattern and try again. Chemise, dress, stockings, shoes, etc.

My husband will have a coat, waistcoat, breeches, and boots. Lots of pieces to sew.  But we can't do them during spring break as we started a bathroom mini-remodel and have not finished.  So much to do!!

Well, no pictures today, which is sad, because I love blogs heavy on pictures and light on words.

Blessings to all,