Sunday, September 14, 2014

Planning Ichabod Crane Costume

My husband wants to be Ichabod Crane from Fox TV's Sleepy Hollow series. this is the costume Crane wore most of season one. It is a type of Revolutionary War uniform suit coat. He then has breeches and a shirt.  Remember, the dark blue would have been normal for the coat but not necessarily the shirt.  However, he was buried for 200 plus years! I will have to do some creative distressing to give it that aged look rather than fresh from the tailor.

This is an example of the coat worn by an officer.  It has the lapels that Crane has on his coat.

This is a coat worn by General George Washington.  It also has the lapels and the rows of shiny buttons.
The pattern I will be using is the one below from Butterick.  The jacket does not have the lapels so I will have to create those and add them in. 
I ordered three yards of blue wool from Fashion Fabrics club.  We will see if it comes out anything like I hope it does.  Buying fabric without being able to touch it is scary.

Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Green Elven Cosplay Cloak

I present this lovely Hunter green cloak for your perusal!  It could be an Elvan cloak or a Medieval or Renaissance cape.
It is made of a silk blend I purchased in Syria.


It is 53 inches from the back of the neck to the hem.

The hood is lined.



The brass buttons are purely for decoration.

I hope you enjoyed it. It is available on Etsy.
Thank you for checking it out.