Friday, June 17, 2016

Rockabilly Retro Dress

I finished my daughter's birthday present of a Rockabilly style dress!  She wore it today and we took photos out by the pool. Of course she is an awesome model, but she is also the better photographer.  But she can't do both at the same time, so I took these.

Of course, this is where I started, with fabric and the pattern and the obligatory cat hair.  This is Posey.

I used Simplicity 8127. The fabric is 100% cotton. I used two piece eyelets I purchased from Richard the Thread for my corsets and basic spool ribbon.

I had no problems with the instructions.  However, I will have to make some adjustments in the bust as it came out larger then she needs.

I hope you enjoyed this short pictorial review. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Regency Travel Challenge Update

I know I have not posted everyday on this blog as per the CoBloWriMo challenge was designed to do.  I have two reasons for this: I don't have any thing to post on some challenge topics, and life seems to have gotten even busier as the summer started. So I will post as I can.

Today the topic is to give a progress report on something we are working on. In my first post I said I wanted to work on  the Travel challenge for the Historical Sew Monthly group. 
I have made some progress.  I cut out and sewed my daughter's dress.
I will post pictures of the finished dress later when we do a photo shoot.

For my Regency Travel dress I am using Simplicity 4055 and adjusting the front of the bodice to criss cross.  I am also going to eliminate the tie at the neck and the waist in favor of a button or hook and eye closing in the back.

I have thought about using a trim around the neckline  as in this inspiration painting.  I have not gotten out to look for any yet.  So onward I go.

Keep checking back.  I will get this one done!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

My Favorite Accessory

I really like this parasol I made from an old umbrella I inherited from my mother. I have not had the chance to use it yet as I have no events to go to nor have I had the chance to do a photo shoot.  Maybe soon.
I did a full write up on the parasol here.

I hope to have a photo shoot with my Daughter soon.  She is learning to do costume photo shoots.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Favorite Project

Day five of the CoBloWriMo (Costume Bloggers Writing Month) and I have missed days two through four.  My husband and I and our daughter and her husband got busy building a fence in our back yard and tearing down an old useless fence so we could expand the area around the pool. I will blog about that soon on my other blog, dedicated to all things house and home, Daze of Grace.

For now, my favorite project. My 1880s Walking Dress.  It is a Natural Bustle era ensemble.  I blogged about it fully here. I still have not worn it for photos.  Maybe soon.  But it is 102 Degrees out, soooo.
Enjoy for now.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Costume Goals

I am trying to improve my blogging by joining in the CoBloWriMo, Costume Bloggers Writing Month.  It is a small Facebook group of costume sewing and wearing enthusiasts who are challenging themselves to begin/get back to/ improve their blogging about things costume. They are all bloggers who specialize in some form of historically accurate costuming.

So June 1: What are some sewing goals?

In order to satisfy the Historical Sew Monthly June challenge of Travel, I have decided to go a little bit of a different direction.  The idea is to make a piece specifically for travel.  Well, it is 102 degrees F. here in the Big Valley, California.  I had wanted to make a 1930s wool coat.  Not happening!
So I am going with an 1820s dress made from Pashmina shawls that have traveled with my Husband from The Middle East to our home in his suitcase.

First I will need to make a bodiced petticoat, hopefully from purple silk, if I can find it.

Yelizaveta Demidova 1779 1818 c.1805 oil on canvas by Lefevre Robert 1755 1830 Kashmir Paisley Shawls: Defining Love for Over 300 Years

Painting 2: Yelizaveta Demidova (1779-1818) , previously Baroness Elisabeth Alexandrovna Stroganoff, wife of Nikolai Demidov, the exceeding wealthy owner of mines and foundries in the Urals, Russia; c.1805 (oil on canvas) by Lefevre, Robert (1755-1830) – Wearing Kashmir Shawl and a dress with Kashmiri Paisley motif embroidery.
This lovely yellow dress in the painting is going to serve as inspiration. So will the Dreamstress, Leimomi.

1813 Kashmiri Dress,

She wrote several blog posts about her using Kashmiri shawls to recreate such a dress.

I am also working along with Lauren at The American Duchess. She has a pair of patterns that she designed with Simplicity patterns to approximate the costumes from The Outlander series.  I have not seen the series (shame) but have been wanting to make an ensemble from this time period for a while. I will be following along with her Pattern Hacks series.

Claire, The Gathering. OMG...THIS dress!!! First of all, we had to sort of slam this on the mannequin because everyone is in deep on S2. But, when I look at the dress, I just see a zi...:

Simplicity Pattern 8161 Misses' 18th Century Costumes
Simplicity Pattern 8162 Misses' 18th Century Undergarments

And that is what I have in mind in the immediate future.

However, I was just hired as a high school Home Economics teacher and will be both taking classes and preparing for teaching classes beginning August 4!
I don't know how much will get done.  And there are the 1950s style dresses for my daughter that I need to complete.
So much to do!