Sunday, June 14, 2015

Truly Victorian 1880 Walking Dress

A week ago I finished my project sewing an 1880s style walking costume.  I wanted to wait to show pictures until I could be photographed in it. However, we have been experiencing 100+ F degree weather here in The Big Valley of California.  I am not putting all those layers on in that kind of heat for a photo shoot.
Here is one of the pins I based my dress on. It can be found here.
Of course it is a based on a period photo.
I also based my dress on these drawings and examples:
So Let's get on with it! Here is my masterpiece.  I would love to have used lavender stripes as purple is my favorite color.  I shopped for several weeks on ebay for yardage and found a listing for this blue stripe and solid blue fabrics in one listing. There was probably 8 yards of the stripe. It is about 40 inches wide while the blue was about 36 inches wide.  Both are 100% cotton and they are from the 1970s, made for home dec.
I used TV225 1878 Fantail skirt,  TV326 1880 Hermione Overskirt, and TV428 1880 Jacket Bodice.


I modified the front of the jacket bodice by removing the points and rounding it slightly. I didn't like the points look nor the extreme length of the red stripe example.
The rest of the patterns I used as is.

The entire ensemble was sewn by machine using cotton thread.  I used modern metal buttons as they seemed similar to period buttons.



I have my Corset already to go and I still need to make a new more 1880s style chemise.  I have ordered TV550 to create a hat as no self respecting lady would go out walking without a hat!
I wish I could go to Costume College, but that is pricy for a substitute teacher. Maybe next year.
Let me know what you think.

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