Sunday, June 28, 2015

Out of My Comfort Zone-Victorian Hat

For the Historic Sew Monthly June Challenge of "Out of You Comfort Zone" I decided to try drafting a 1925 day dress from pictures.
It was an abject failure.  Not even worth showing or explaining. I have decided to maintain my original idea of using patterns.  Why reinvent the wheel?
My second project I attempted to get out of my comfort zone was to make a hat to go with my Natural Bustle era walking costume. I purchased the TV 550 hat pattern and the requisite materials.
I used two layers of buckram as mine was a light weight. I hand stitched the entire hat following the instructions in the pattern. I then covered it with a layer of white silk flat lined with white cotton muslin. The blue trim is upholstery trim.  I purchased a package of feathers to finish the trim.
There are a lot of areas I can improve such as learning how to join wires more neatly, hand stitch  the fashion fabric more neatly, etc.



These two hatpins I inherited from my mother.

Cost breakdown:
Buckram $5/yd. I used about half a yard
Wire: $3
Silk: $9 for half a yard
Trim: About $1
Feathers: $4
Total: About $19
Pattern: $11
Challenge: Out of Your Comfort Zone
Pattern: Truly Victorian 550
Year: ca. 1880
Notions: Wire, thread, trim, feathers
How historically accurate?: About 80% as the trim is polyester and of course all materials are machine made.  I sewed the entire thing by hand.
Hours to complete: about 10 hours as I was rather obsessed to get it done.  Next time I will slow down and try to improve my skills.
First worn: Not yet.
Total cost: $20
Thank you for stopping by and seeing my latest costume challenge.

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