Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Not costume Sewing

I haven't been back to costume sewing yet but I tested out the new sewing machine by sewing pillow covers for Christmas.  Red velvet left from a Red Riding Hood cloak. Purchased plaid for the larger pillows.

New stockings out of satin sari type fabric.  Each has unique trim.  They go with our Mardi Gras- New Orleans theme.

I hope to be back to the costume sewing soon.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Absence and Delay

Life often gets in the way.
My husband and I spent the month of November moving into a new house and it always takes some time to find everything and figure out where to put them in a new house.  How do you figure out what will be the most convenient?
I have most of it put away so I started sewing again.  We are having a new Orleans/Mardi Gras style Christmas so I wanted to make new stockings. All are from lovely patterned satin, almost Sari fabric.
And my sewing machine died. Well, actually the tension went out.  I have always had tension problems with this machine.  So I took it to be repaired.  It was going to cost almost as much to fix as to buy a new machine.  And since I've always had problems with it, I bought a new one rather than having the tension rebuilt.
And I'm waiting to receive it from FedEx.  It should be in today!
Hopefully I can then finish the Cinderella costume and show it off.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

On the Sewing Table

 Currently I am sewing a "Cinderella" costume for Allison. We decided to update the costume for a more modern twist on the fairy tale.

We chose this McCall's pattern. It is one of Snow's outfits from ABC's Once Upon a Time.

But that is Snow White.  We are recreating Cinderella.  So we went to our fabric store and found this awesome Sari style fabric. We are doing White insets between the shoulder and upper arm and at the elbow.
She will need to get some boots and tights and a little blouse.  All easy things to find and it will complete the look. Can's wait to get it finished and see it all together.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Steampunk Jacket and Skirt

This is the lovely Allison in a Steampunk style  jacket and  skirt.  It is Simplicity pattern 2172. The fabric is crepe back satin in Eggplant. The first set of pictures show the color much more purple than it is in actuality. The cuffs and collar are organza. 

The color on the next three photos are truer to color.

The corset is from Corset Story

Thank you for taking a peek at my new blog and first Steampunk costume.