Monday, May 25, 2015

1880s Walking Skirt

I have begun a large endeavor: sewing an 1880s Walking Dress. I am using various patterns from Truly Victorian patterns.  The skirt is TV 225, the fantail skirt.
I purchased yards of fabric from a seller on ebay.  The skirt is a basic midrange blue.  It is 100% cotton (I cannot afford silk which is traditional) and is only about 36" wide.  It is probably from the 1970s or 80s. The rest of the outfit will be done in a blue and white striped cotton from the same purchase.
Here is the skirt side view. I flat lined the entire skirt, except the pleats, with white cotton muslin.  it gave the skirt much more body.

A little more side view.


Front view.

This is pretty much straight on the back. The Skirt gathers at the back to give that lovely sweep so common in 1880s natural bustle dresses.
The pattern worked up easily. I Hope you enjoy this sneak peak.

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