Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Katrina Crane from Sleepy Hollow Costume

Although Ichabod Crane is still in the sewing stages, I did get my http://www.fox.com/sleepy-hollow costume done. However, I cheated.  Instead of making a 1770s set of stays, I used my Victorian era purchased corset.  Instead of pleats in the skirt I gathered the skirts onto separate drawstrings. Instead of a square belt buckle, I used a belt I already owned. 

I think I was fairly successful.

I answered the door to give out candy and a little girl thought I was a princess.  Aww, naïve little girl. Katrina Crane is a witch!  But it was flattering.


Athena can't stay away from the camera!


Hanging out with the Hitchhiking Ghost.



We had a great evening hanging with our kids.
I had a fun time recreating these costumes.  It took a lot for me to let go of the lack of time to make a more faithful recreation of the TV show costumes.  This was a learning experience in that area.
Hope you enjoyed these costume posts.

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