Friday, July 15, 2016

Outlander 1740s Stays

I am slowly working along with Lauren, The American Duchess, to create my own Outlander Ensemble. I am about halfway through reading the Outlander book. I have not seen the show yet but I am hooked on the first book.  And on Terry Dresbach's blog. She is the costume designer.

This is the pattern designed by American Duchess in coordination with Simplicity Patterns.

Here is one side of the stays with the top binding pinned on, but not the bottom binding.

Here I am in the stays.  I am long-waisted so these stays are actually too short on me.  I will have to do some  fiddling with the pattern and lengthen the waist about an inch and a half. Meanwhile I am moving on with the other pieces.  I have made the bum pad. next I will make the Chemise.  I wasn't going to make a new chemise as this one is perfectly acceptable.
But the Outlander pattern has longer sleeves with ruffles plus the neck ruffles. So Ruffles there will be!

Here is both sides, bound.  This is the inside.  I have not put a lining in yet. I'm thinking that may never happen.

Look how good my waist looks here! Oh wait, not me.

I hope you enjoyed my progress on the Outlander Ensemble.  Lots to do before I will be done with the next pieces.  School starts August 1 and I will be busy getting my classroom in order.  I will be teaching Family and Consumer Sciences as a full time regular teacher. I am excited to finally be a full time teacher.  But I am taking a bunch of classes as well.  less time for sewing my own things.



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