Monday, October 19, 2015

Dying Linen for Costumes

A year ago, or so, I bought two pieces of this linen blend fabric. Each was about two yards long.  I had planned to make a 1700s style petticoat. Then I realized that the fabric was probably too heavy for petticoats. Since husband and I are going on a Disney Cruise again in the spring I need to make us each a new pirate costume for pirate night. The linen would make a great pirate vest, but not in white. So back to the dye vat.

I decided to use the royal blue from Rit.  I like the liquid for its saturation and solid color.  

I heated water in my water pot and added a cup of salt along with a gallon or so of super hot tap water.  Then I stirred it a bit and added the dampened fabric.

Rubber gloves and a stir stick are necessary so that my hands didn't turn blue.

I left the fabric in the dye solution for half an hour, turning and opening the fabric out once or twice so it was entirely covered.

Then I started rinsing it with cold water from the outside hose. Remember to dump your dye and salty water out in a place where you are NOT trying to grow grass in a drought.  See that dry spot? That's my lawn. I forgot and dumped purple dye water here a year ago and it is still dead in this area. Oops!

This is a little view of the color of the fabric.  It has some spots that look very weather worn, which works great with the pirate theme, but doesn't show great dye skills.
I do like the way it came out and the entire Pirate Vest came out great.


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  1. Jeannine, the blue came out really nicely. :) I have just started wondering about fabric-dyeing and am glad that you shared your experiences and the way you do it.