Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ichabod Crane Revolutionary War Coat

I finished the Ichabod Crane style coat last spring but never had a chance to have it modeled.  Finally got that done this week.  

I wanted to simulate this coat from Sleepy Hollow from Fox TV.  I can not afford wool flannel so I went with cotton flannel in a navy blue, it is a bit darker in person, but not much. I changed the collar a bit from the pattern to reflect the costume.

I did not put in buttonholes but I may go back later and add them.  Ichabod Crane has a very plain coat without any trim so I was trying to copy the plainness of it.  

I'm working on breeches and a nice white shirt to go with it.  They will also do double duty for Husband's pirate costume


I really like how well the back came out.  It is fully lined as well.  I have never made a men's coat before so this was a learning experience.

As soon as I get the next two pieces done I will post those pictures as well. Maybe I'll add the dirt for authenticity when he wears it!

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